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Integrity and Self-discipline Work Conference


On the morning of September 4th, Dunli display props held a clean and self-discipline work meeting in the meeting room of the No. 10 plant. The members of the company team, the heads of various departments and related personnel attended the meeting. At the meeting, Chen Aihua of the General Department read the "Integrity and Self-discipline Management System" and the "Notice on the Mid-Autumn Festival Integrity and Self-discipline Work" issued by the Group Disciplinary Committee. Through the learning method of publicity and implementation, the participants have a deeper understanding of the meaning of the integrity and self-discipline work. And importance.

At the meeting, the general manager Wu Dongchun proposed and arranged the work related to integrity and self-discipline to various departments, and implemented the "Notice on Strengthening the Requirements for Integrity and Self-discipline during the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day" by the General Department, and required all departments to notify the relevant business contacts. Working partners cooperate to do a good job of integrity and self-discipline, and develop healthily with the company. At the end of the meeting, General Manager Wu Dongchun made a clear request: honesty and self-discipline is a long-term job.

It is promoted as a kind of ideological realm, required as a kind of professional ethics, and cultivated as a kind of work ability. Especially when facing temptations and traps, one must keep a clear head, always keep the alarm bells ringing, grasp principles in emotions, grasp proportions in actions, grasp small sections in life, and be sober politically and economically. Being clear and innocent in life is also responsible for the society, the company, the family, and oneself. (Dunli Display Props Comprehensive Department)