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Design of the first store of Bananain, a new underwear brand in Hangzhou, Hubin Yintai in77


BANANAIN is a non-sense label underwear brand born from the concept of "underwear without sewing labels". BANANAIN uses a short phrase to ask questions and remind us whether we want to be inside or outside. Manufacturing is thinking, patience will make the defects less and less, the stitches on the product hint at our skill and seriousness, and witness the process of mentality evolving to form. Focusing on the inside, hence the name Jiao Nei. The design of Jiao Nei is not made out of nothing. Innovation is to discover, discover those delicate feelings that cannot be conveyed visually, and that cannot be expressed in words. From the ternary perspective of art, technology, and culture, the pioneering design related to inner life is practiced.

The new domestic brand Bananain, the first store in Hangzhou, Hubin Yintai in77 store, learned that this brand was originally because of its underwear series products, but now it has covered a variety of basic life styles including underwear, socks, home wear, light outdoor, etc. , Are simple and comfortable items.

The large area of black marble is matched with random grain stainless steel, and the futuristic style of metal gives people a very advanced visual experience. The archive-style display is very orderly, the products are divided into categories and regional layouts, and all the products are neatly organized and clear at a glance.

The whole store uses random stainless steel and marble materials. The five categories of underwear, socks, bras, home clothes, and warm clothes are separated by curved lines and metal grilles. An abstract art cantilever device is also incorporated into it, showing a kind of The futuristic sense of science and technology of the space capsule is completely different from other home life stores.

The overall environment is modern, simple and full of high-level sense. The exquisite home furnishing products are neatly coded and posted on the shelves. The low-saturation Morandi tones can understand the minds of young people. The color choice in the socks area really makes People love it. As long as you want the color, there are all kinds of colors here, and the categories here are also very complete, from underwear and socks, to home clothes, and sweaters. From the fitting room to the rest area, people feel that the details are extra points.