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What do you know about China in-store 2023


The Shanghai International Store Design and Solutions Exhibition (China in-store 2023) concluded successfully at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. A total of 103 high-quality retail suppliers and design agencies participated in the three-day exhibition, which focused on displaying innovative store design and retail solutions. The exhibition attracted a total of 13,934 professional visitors to the site for viewing and exchange. In addition, 46 domestic and foreign industry leaders and experts gave wonderful speeches on hot topics such as China's retail industry development trends, retail space design, and lightweight construction of commercial spaces. A total of 1,240 viewers participated in the forum activities. The exhibition site was crowded with people, the atmosphere was warm, and the popularity far exceeded expectations.

Let us review the big Data from the Exhibition.

1、What is the Data?

2、Where do the exhibitors come from?

3、What does the exhibition cover?

4、What can you get from the exhibition?

5、Are you satisfied with the exhibition?

6、What are people insterested in the exhibition?

Exhibition will continue in year of 2024. Let us learn more from Shanghai and from Dunli.